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East Dean Greensward Limited (EDGL) is a Company Limited by Guarantee with a single asset – The Greensward on the Downlands Estate – but with no shareholders, only members. The purpose of EDGL is to ensure the continuing amenity value of The Greensward for the enjoyment of all residents and to protect it against future development. Any householder in the parish can become a member of EDGL at no cost.

This tree-fringed area of 1.7 hectares (4 acres) was purchased through the Residents’ Association in 2012 and is now a designated Village Green. With a high amenity value, it is used by a wide range of residents for dog-walking, exercising and for events such as the annual Village Fete. It is kept regularly mown by the Parish Council’s contractor, but EDGL is responsible for management of trees and benches as well as for authorising events.

In 2023 EDGL created a native wildflower meadow towards the southern end of the Greensward. The aim was to bring summer colour to the area whilst adding more pollinator-friendly flowers to increase diversity. An interpretive board was added to inform residents about the initiative.  This area was extended in order to create a more natural shape in 2024 and re-sown with a mix of annual and perennial wildflower species. At the northern end there is a spring/summer no-mow area to allow wildflower species already present to flower and set seed. Cutting of this area will recommence in late summer.

More details can be found on the East Dean Village website at eastdeanvillage.org.uk/greensward and an illustrated booklet (no.61) on the Greensward can be purchased from the East Dean and Friston History Group at edflhg.uk/booklets.

If you would like to participate in helping manage the Greensward we are always seeking additional directors for the EDGL Board.  For all enquiries and feedback on existing initiatives, please contact the Secretary at greenswardeastdean@gmail.com