RA Environmental Group

Organised by the East Dean Litter Pickers WhatsApp group, with support from the RA Environment Group, eight people braved a very windy but dry and sunny, January Saturday to remove litter from the A259. We spent about three hours clearing both sides of the road from the East Dean bus stop up to the golf course, a distance of about 1.8 miles (almost 3 km). A similar litter pick was done by the group in February last year.

Twelve large bags of rubbish were collected, much of it plastic wrappers, plastic bottles and drinks tins, but also various discarded car parts. The bags have all been removed and will go into domestic bins or be taken to the Council dump. It represents the best part of a year’s accumulation of rubbish and shows that our roads are still getting unnecessarily littered.

Jonathan Timberlake