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The Environment Group of the Residents’ Association is focussed on aspects of our general local environment as well as on biodiversity conservation. We also carry out local volunteer work such as litter-picking and tree planting.

We are privileged to live in the parish of East Dean and Friston, a parish surrounded by land managed for nature conservation by the National Trust, the South Downs National Park Authority, Forestry England and Eastbourne Borough Council. It is therefore incumbent upon us to maintain and improve the environmental status and biodiversity of our settled areas – houses, gardens and public spaces. This also contributes towards one of the main objectives of the Residents’ Association, that of helping to care for and improve the appearance and quality of our local environment.

We also need to keep in mind the broader picture. For example, at a local level the Eastbourne Downland Estate Whole Estate Plan (Eastbourne Council 2020), the Friston Forest Management Plan (Forestry England 2021), the South Downs Local Plan (South Downs National Park Authority 2019), the National Trust’s Changing Chalk partnership and programmes of the Sussex Wildlife Trust at a county level, and the government’s Lawton Report and Natural Environment White Paper (2010) with its emphasis on bigger, better and more joined up nature conservation at a national level.

Informed by these, our intention is to outline a series of interconnected activities that volunteers of the Environment Group and all other residents could carry out. These will help us move towards an improved natural environment within the Parish – linking to its place within the wider landscape, better awareness of local biodiversity and environmental issues, and strengthening community relations.

The activities outlined here will hopefully appeal to a range of residents with varying skills, interests and time availability, and be open to volunteers taking the lead on specific topics or projects. It is not intended that activities would all be centrally-led or managed, and other activities or issues can be added.


a) Improve nature conservation within the parish of East Dean and Friston and surrounding areas,

b) Improve environmental conditions within the parish,

c) Residents have an increased awareness of environmental and biodiversity issues.


Environmental Care

  • Encourage litter clearing initiatives
  • Encourage recycling initiatives
  • Help with conservation management of public areas within the parish
  • Promote a nature-friendly environment at the level of private gardens



For all queries and to join the email list, please contact edfraecocare@gmail.com

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