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EDGL 2024 Annual General Meeting minutes


A Company Limited by Guarantee

Registration number 8157591


Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of East Dean Greensward Ltd (EDGL) held at East Dean Village Hall, Monday May 20th 2024. 

Present:  Mrs Joan Colin (Acting Chair), Mr Jonathan Timberlake, Mrs Lesley d’Urso, Dr David Tennant (Secretary) and Members of East Dean and Friston Residents’ Association.

Apologies:  Mr David Lal, Mr Tony Miller. 

  1. Presentation

David Tennant made a short presentation on behalf of EDGL during the Annual General Meeting of East Dean and Friston Residents’ Association.  He explained that the EDGL Articles of Association did not require an AGM but that the Board of Directors had decided to hold one as a means of communicating with EDGL Members.  A copy of the presentation is attached. 

There are now EDGL pages on the RA website where information can be found on the history of the Greensward, policies for benches and trees, and contact information. Dr Tennant stressed that the main objectives of the AGM were to communicate more effectively with EDGL Members and to publicise the need for additional EDGL Directors. 

2.1.  It was noted that all residents can become EDGL Members even if they do not actually live around the Greensward. 

2.2.  A discussion followed regarding money needed for maintenance of the Greensward.  Bob Salmon (former Chair of the RA) said that it had been agreed that the Greensward do not hold its own funds as the RA have always supported requests.  After further discussion it was agreed that a small annual budget allocation for EDGL could be considered by the Residents’ Association.  Lesley d’Urso pointed out that the Greensward is a Parish wide facility, and that the RA only has a third of residents in its membership.  She felt that a wider discussion between the Parish Council, RA and EDGL was needed and urged residents to access the links on the website and to get in touch.  

2.3.  Paul Seeley, Chair of the Parish Council, confirmed that the Parish Council would always support maintenance costs and suggested that a representative of the Parish Council should be invited to join the EDGL Board.  He added that historically there has been good communication and co-operation between all the organisations concerned and hoped this would continue onwards.

2.4.  Mr John Wilton offered to join the EDGL board and to donate a bench if required. 

Summary of content of the slides accompanying the AGM presentation.


East Dean Greensward Limited (EDGL) is a Company Limited by Guarantee with a single asset:  The Greensward on the Downlands Estate.

Slide 2.

Under its Articles of Association EDGL is the freeholder of the Greensward and its Board of Directors is responsible for its management. 

Slide 3.

EDGL Board of Directors

Chair:              Vacant

Members:        Joan Colin (acting chair)

                        Lesley d’Urso (RA)

                        David (Devi) Lal

                        Tony Miller

Jonathan Timberlake

David Tennant (Company Secretary)

Slide 4.

Recent activities:

•           Establishment of wildflower meadow.

•           No-mow area for native flora.

•           Policy for trees and benches.

•           EDGL pages on new RA web site.

Slide 5.

Future aims:

•           Expand membership and improve consultation.

•           Identify new EDGL Board Members.

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