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Information Session about Scamming

Published: 29 February, 2024

Many thanks to all those residents who came along to the very informative presentation given by PCSO Richie Davidson and his colleagues. Many of you talked about some of the scams you have encountered and we discussed ways to help avoid being caught out by criminals in the future.

PCSO Davidson has sent us links to various current publications advising about ways to keep safe and the Residents’ Association will be emailing these out to members over the next couple of weeks.

You can find Richie’s contact details on our Links page but if you wish to report any fraud please contact Sussex Police on the non emergency number 101, or you can use the textphone service on 18001 101 if you have a hearing or speech impediment. You can also call Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 ( Monday – Friday 8am to 8pm)

Our thanks go to Richie and his team for the very much appreciated advice and guidance he and his team provided.


Published: 22 January, 2024

RA Environmental Group

Organised by the East Dean Litter Pickers WhatsApp group, with support from the RA Environment Group, eight people braved a very windy but dry and sunny, January Saturday to remove litter from the A259. We spent about three hours clearing both sides of the road from the East Dean bus stop up to the golf course, a distance of about 1.8 miles (almost 3 km). A similar litter pick was done by the group in February last year.

Twelve large bags of rubbish were collected, much of it plastic wrappers, plastic bottles and drinks tins, but also various discarded car parts. The bags have all been removed and will go into domestic bins or be taken to the Council dump. It represents the best part of a year’s accumulation of rubbish and shows that our roads are still getting unnecessarily littered.

Jonathan Timberlake

Asian Hornets

Published: 1 November, 2023

At a recent presentation organised by the Residents’ Association Simon Tuck, from the Eastbourne Beekeepers Society, warned of the advance of an alien species to our country which is a threat to our native honey bees. He described how the ASIAN HORNET preys on our honey bees and has the potential to decimate populations if it gets a hold over here. Unfortunately, there has now been a sighting of such a hornet in Eastbourne. 

The best defence against the effects of this species is to report any sightings as a matter of urgency, where it will be dealt with by the GB Non Native Species Secretariat or DEFRA.

If you do not know what one looks like there is an app called Asian Hornet Watch that you can download. There is also an information sheet available at Vespa_velutina-Asian_Hornet

For those who regularly walk you can record any sightings and the exact location of them using the app. It is crucial you report any possible sightings so experts can take quick and effective action to eradicate Asian hornets.  However, if you can’t download the app you can send your photos and videos by email to: alertnonnative@ceh.ac.uk

Asian Hornets have a sting like a wasp so please take care if you do come across one

See it!  Snap it!  Send it!